It’s our job!

Posted on November 11, 2010


Ok, so now children in San Francisco can’t order Mc Donald’s Happy Meals… just for the toy. Why? Because children love those little toys in their orders -believe me, my son is 7! And those meals add more than 600 calories…

I’m a father and it’s my responsibility what does my son eat. I mean, what if a child has just played a football match???

Parents are loosing control. At school, at sports, at restaurants… everywhere there’s people telling them (us) what their children should do. Will next Wii or PSP or whatever console be designed to auto-switch off after one hour?

It’s parents who must educate children. It’s parents who must teach their kids what to eat. It’s parents who must cook with them. It’s parents who must do their job!!!

Being a parent is responsibillity. No one should elude it. And no Government should do their (our) job.

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